Multi Use Games Area and More

Following the vandalism of the old Multi Use Games Area or MUGA on Afoneitha, members worked together to create a vision for a new development on the site as they recognised the need for safe areas for the children in our community to play and to let off steam.  Consultations with the local school children were undertaken and it was clear from the responses that the children wanted somewhere to play football securely and some kind of skate park or bike track.

In August 2017 The Community Council took on the lease of the land from Wrexham County Borough Council and began work on putting the plans into action. It was agreed to separate the development into two stages; firstly to replace the existing MUGA with a new, robust and safe structure where children could play football and basket ball.  The Second part of the development would be to install a wheeled sports or skate park area on the old tennis courts.  The Community Council agreed to fully fund the first stage of the development. 

In August 2018 work finally began and the old structure was replaced along with a new tarmac surface.  In October 2018 The Community Council held an official opening and invited members of the Community to attend where the children were given goodie bags and invited to try out the new MUGA. 

Plans are taking shape for the second stage of the development, however since the original consultation was undertaken back in 2014, in order to gain successful funding we need to demonstrate that we are building something that the young people in our community want.  The Community Council has undertaken further consultation and following a series of public meetings we have set up a working group involving parents and children from the village and engaged with the local school councils who will be assisting us with a paper based questionnaire which we hope will determine the next stage of building work.